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Focused Issue: Current Advances in Zika Virus Research

After the first report of Zika virus from Brazil in May 2015, the virus is now spread throughout the Americas, and has potential to pose threats to countries in Asia especially where vectors for the virus, Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus species of mosquitoes, are prevalent. New diagnostic test is now available to identify the infections quickly, however, much efforts are needed to make available therapeutics. This focused issue is planned to publish research, reviews and commentaries on all aspects of Zika virus.

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Manuscript Due: Monday, 21 April 2016
Review Completion: Monday, 18 May 2016
Publication Date: Continuous (as soon as the manuscripts are accepted) but not latter than 18 June 2016

Plannned Manuscripts

Zika virus biology: an overview
Neto et. al. University of São Paulo, Brazil.

Detection of Zika Virus by SYBR Green-Based Real Time PCR as a Less Expensive Tool for Clinical Diagnosis in Developing Countries.
Durigon et al. University of São Paulo, Brazil.

Molecular evolution of Zika virus: from zoonotic pools in Africa to a global threat.
Freire et al. Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil.