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Smith and Franklin Policy

Ethical Policy

Smith and Franklin Academic Publishing Corporation, UK, believes that research must be conducted according to the full and appropriate ethical agenda, universally acceptable to the research community. Any issue associated to the publication ethics will be handled seriously at the Editorial Office and, if proven, Smith and Franklin Academic Publishing Corporation reserves the right to reject the manuscript and may contact the ethics committee or the concerning committee of the author’s institutions for appropriate actions. If authors want to retract articles, they should inform the Editorial Office with a retraction letter explaining the reason. Authors also reserve the right to appeal against the Editor's decision on the manuscript in writing to the Editorial Office. Smith and Franklin Academic Publishing Corporation accepts papers not for business or political gain but on intellectual and ethical standards only. The Editorial Office will also strictly monitor for plagiarism and obvious fraudulent data prior to the processing of the manuscript for review process and, if plagiarism is detected at this stage or latter, the manuscript will be rejected and will not be reconsidered in any journal published, independently or in-association, by the Smith and Franklin Academic Publishing Corporation, UK.

Financial Policy

Our financial policy is different for each of two below mentioned categories:

1. Smith and Franklin Journals (S&F Journals)

Smith and Franklin Academic Publishing Corporation provides a unique and free forum for both authors and readers to disseminate their information worldwide and to facilitate research publications from developing countries or from authors who otherwise have no funds to support article processing charges. This free service is for all authors without applying specifically. Moreover, it will remain this way indefinatley for the betterment of science. Having this policy in place, Smith and Franklin Academic Publishing Corporation is managing and will manage running expenses using the following four avenues:

(i) We have recently developed an “online manuscript submission system” called “eSubmit”. Authors of Smith and Franklin Academic Publishing Corporation journals will be using a beta version of eSubmit for their manuscript submission as will reviewers to review the manuscripts and editors to manage their journals. eSubmit is being commercialised and the revenue will be used to meet expenses for all Smith and Franklin Academic Publishing Corporation journals.

(ii) Where funding agencies allow, we will ask for donations from the authors. These donations are optional and are independent to the number of submissions by the authors.

(iii) A second section of the Smith and Franklin Academic Publishing Corporation is to publish quality and high-demand books to meet some of our expenses for the journal.

(iv) Major expenses are required to format and edit manuscripts which are compatible to all Abstracting and Indexing databases as well as IT support and databases maintenance. Most of these services will be provided by third parties in developing countries which will reduce our running expenses to significantly lower numbers than normally expected.

2. Smith and Franklin Associated Journals (S&F Associated Journals)

We have developed a great wealth of professional tools including “Content Management System” and “Online Manuscript Handling System (eSubmit)”. These services will be provided to existing and established journals to professionally promote dissemination and management of their contents. All these Independent Journals will be charged normal Article Processing Charges (APC), independently determined by the editorial board or their institutions/societies without any involvement of Smith and Franklin Academic Publishing Corporation. These independent journals will be clearly differentiated from our S&F Journals either by showing their affiliations on the journal’s page or by listing them separately. The amount of APC will be clearly mentioned on the home page of the journals.

Smith and Franklin Academic Publishing Corporation ethical and publication policies apply to both S&F Journals and Independent Journals.

NB: Authors are kindly requested to verify a category (S&F Journals or S&F Associated Journals) before submitting their work to Smith and Franklin Academic Publishing Corporation.

For any further clarifications please contact us at writing APC or a specific question in the subject line.

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Commons Attribution License

This license permits unrestricted use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the original S&F work is properly cited.

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