Biopestides: Innovations and Practices

Publisher: Smith and Franklin Books in Biosciences

Editor(s)/Author(s): Dr. K. Sahayaraj and Dr. P. Selvaraj

Publication date: Sat, 21 Jan 2017


Soft Copy Price: GBP 150.00

Pages: 271

About this Book

This book is intended to share scientific knowledge and expertise of/to the community in the field of agriculture, especially relating to biopesticides. The book provides citations and reviews of more than 1000 recent publications in the field of biopesticide research, and recommendations for future areas of new vistas of research in the field of biopesticides. The book also provides methodologies and technologies for isolation and chemical characterization of biomolecules, diagnostic tools for microbes, analytical techniques for phytochemicals and nanomaterials, and protocols for bioassays and field studies. For the better understanding of the readers, this book includes more than 73 tables, 60 figures and 28 colour plates.

The entire book is devided into four sectionss, and chapters in each section highlight a dedicated aspect of agricultural pests/pathogens and biotechnological options for insect pest management viz., entomopathogens, botanical pesticides, natural enemies, bionanomaterials and other IPM components. It also discusses about the impact, advantages, limitations and future prospects of these biotechnological options.

Each chapter is attempted to make as stand-alone document, making it a valuable reference source for Agrarians, field practitioners, biologists, scientists in related fields and agriculture school libraries.