Meat Sciences and Veterinary Public Health (S&F; Associated Journal)

Meat Sciences and Veterinary Public Health is a peer reviewed online journal published quarterly by the Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Sciences, the University of Agriculture, Peshawar, Pakistan. The journal was launched as a component of Dairy Science Park, initiated during 2011 as an international workshop. The workshop recommendations focused on promotion of the commercial research culture through the strong venture of university-industry tag, boosting the economic development by verge of industrial research output and creating an entrepreneurial community to give students the experience of learning through mutual support, a process critical for successful entrepreneurship.

A Center of Excellence has been proposed for Dairy Science Park to provide academic support to the food value chain and a DSP Board has been suggested to provide development and regulatory and marketing support. A biorisk management initiative has been launched jointly with the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, Sandia National Laboratory USA and Khyber Medical University Peshawar focused at quality control certification at production, value addition, services and marketing level. The Park has been accepted by the United Natioans as #SDGAction9671 to provide self employment for the youth and hygienic food production for the people.