We have compiled a list of FAQs for easy understanding of our missions:

Q: What are the article processing charges?

Smith and Franklin Academic Publishing Corporation is a unique platform providing services to scientific community free of cost. This mean there is no article processing charges for authors and no subscription fee for the readers on S&F; journals. However, “S&F; Associated Journals” may have publication or processing charges, independently decided by the editorial board or their institutions/societies without any involvement of S&F.; Please ensure the fee structures at the “Processing Charges” page of the journal before proceeding for submission.

Q: Is Smith and Franklin an open access publisher?

Yes, Smith and Franklin Academic Publishing Corporation, UK is an open access publisher.

Q: How S&F; sustainably publish without publication and subscription fees?

We are using these three possibilities to manage running expenses: 1-Authors of articles that acknowledge funding agencies will be requested for optional donations if the funding agency allows, 2-Second section of the company is to publish quality books and the revenue generated from selling book will be used in this journal section, 3-We are developing online manuscript submission system (called e-Submit). We will sell this software along with its use in the company. Moreover, because most of work will be online managed by third parties, the running expenses will be lower than normally expected.

Q: What is the Privacy Policy of S&F;? Does S&F; share my personal information with others?

We never share your email addresses with other organisations. Your contact and profile information is only saved online in the S&F; databases, which can be deleted anytime upon your request.

Q: How come my Username and Password do not work?

Usernames and passwords can be different depending on the site you are trying to access. If may be helpful to know that the Smith and Franklin Journals website and the Smith and Franklin manuscript submission system (eSubmit) have their own set of credentials and are different from each other.

Q: I requested a password reminder, but the email I received has no username and password.

The password reminder message will have no username or password if you have never created one for your online account. The process begins at http://smithandfranklin.com/registration

Q: What is browser support for S&F;?

The S&F; site is built to be compatible with the most recent versions of Netscape, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and OmniWeb browsers. It is typical for incompatibilities to surface when new versions are released. However, our website currently is not compatible with Internet Explorer. If you encounter a technical problem in this regard please let us know the nature of the problem.

Q: Report a plagiarised article!

If you come across any article published by S&F; that breaches the publication ethics, please do let us know at journals@smithandfranklin.com or send us correspondence online by clicking on the Contact Us page (right top corner of every page of the website).

Q: Submit meeting express

You are welcome to submit any meeting report to be announced on our website free of cost.

Q: Suggest a new journal

You are welcome with the proposal of new journal in a particular field that is not covered by us at present. We also welcome societies to publish their existing journals from our established web platform. You will be allowed to have access to our state-of-the-art platform with tools which have been optimised to run your open access journals and focus on the editorial decision making. Team of Smith and Franklin will support you with cutting-edge publication tools as well as unmatched expertise. For further details please contact our Managing staff at info@smithandfranklin.com